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Insurance: Our process and the protection it provides

At Hub Advisory Group we see the provision of insurance for you, and your family as a key pillar of your financial planning, and wealth protection process.

Insurance provides peace of mind and security. And the more financial obligations you have, the more important this becomes.

There are risks and uncertainties experienced throughout our lives but having confidence in your insurance provider and the right level of cover acts as a safety net against accident, illness, injury or loss.

Our team can assist with:

- Life Insurance

- Total and Permanent Disablement Insurance

- Income Protection Insurance

- Trauma Insurance

- Key person Insurance

- Buy/Sell Insurance

At Hub Advisory Group, there are a few key steps in our advice process. Firstly, having your medical history and occupation assessed before application, as this will have a significant bearing on the outcome. We then know upfront whether insurers will offer you cover, and on what terms. We can then proceed to obtaining quotes for cover with suitable providers and determining levels of cover based on your individual needs.

Given that at the time of underwriting we opt not to receive commissions from the insurer, our clients’ premiums will generally remain lower than going direct to the insurance provider for the life of the policy. Plus, we work with you at each step of the way to ensure that your insurance is right and should you need to claim it will deliver on your expectations.

To find out more about this process or to discuss your insurance needs send us an email or call 02 4926 8000.

We proudly provide accounting and financial advice for everyday Australians from Newcastle, NSW – we’re your One Stop Financial Service.

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