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At Hub Advisory Group we're personal finance and business accounting specialists. Whether you want to get your financial affairs in order straight away or you're looking ahead and want financial advice for retirement, Hub can help.

Our team have worked with young couples looking to establish themselves financially, business owners starting out and / or scaling up, right through to retirees getting everything in order, and everyone in between.

We understand that your financial goals and needs will change throughout your life – and that your financial planning, advice and accounting will need to suit each stage. To demonstrate how Hub Advisory Group can help along the way we’ve outlined some of the more common financial needs through life.


It’s never too early to start thinking about your financial situation. At this time of your life you might be looking at budgeting, saving for a house deposit, looking to start a family or a business, and working through your insurance needs and investment options.


A time of consolidation and possibly added complexity as you manage your budget, your business growth and look at wealth management alongside your long-term future. You may be considering your financial safety and security through insurance and asset protection, and seeking advice on investment and debt repayment strategies.


Your priorities at this time will likely depend on how prepared you are for the future. Now is the time to seriously consider your retirement lifestyle so superannuation comes into focus. You may also be looking at succession and estate planning, the potential sale of your business and how you might like to help your family into the future.


A time to enjoy your life after all your hard work, perhaps you are thinking about travelling or even the transfer of your wealth. At this stage of your life your financial considerations may include pensions, government benefits and how to maximise them and estate planning.

No matter what stage of life you’re in don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Hub Advisory Group, Newcastle NSW to see how we can help you with your finances.

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