Meet The Team


Managing Director and Accountant

Larry Urdarov

It only takes one meeting with Larry to see his loyalty and passion for helping those in business. Being in business himself since 1992, Larry has first-hand experience of starting and growing a business. This has enabled him to pass on the knowledge and expertise that can only come from experience.


A 30-minute coffee with Larry can provide more knowledge and insight than most Google searches or YouTube clips!

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Managing Director and Financial Advisor - Authorised Rep. 276932

Gavin Murray

Gavin started in the financial advice industry back in 2002, and he is passionate about making financial advice accessible for everyday Australians by scaling advice to an individual’s needs.


He predominantly works with clients gearing up for retirement, however, with the growth of intergenerational planning, Gavin also assists wealth accumulators navigate through life stages with good forward planning.

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Financial Advisor - Authorised Rep. 453983

Jakobus (Gilli) Gilliland

Gilli started his career as a stockbroker in 2013. He had an interest in all areas of investment and assisting clients in meeting their long-term financial goals.

In 2015, Gilli took the opportunity to change his career path to becoming a Financial Advisor and now enjoys helping clients discover their goals, finding ways to overcome obstacles, and helping them achieve long-term success, be it financial or personal.

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Senior Accountant

Sam Hasson

Sam started his accounting career in 2008 with a mid-tier local firm and has accumulated knowledge in his time there, in a Big Four firm and other Maitland Accounting Firms. He graduated from the University of Newcastle and is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants.


Outside of work Sam enjoys spending time with his 3 kids, 2 Pomeranians and cat. He is also a competitive cyclist.

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Client Services Manager

Shanelle Kidd

Shanelle is your central point of contact, your go-to person. Shanelle looks after all of our clients across both accounting and finance. She is the friendly face following your work from start to finish and making sure the process is as hassle-free as possible.

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Office Manager

Lili Urdarov

This friendly and familiar face has been working at Hub and looking after our clients since 1992. Lili can tell you all about the changes in the accounting industry, but her passion for our clients and their success is just as strong as her first day on the job. Our clients and their well-being is always the first priority for Lili.