Accounting fees are fixed and they are agreed to via a 'Terms of engagement' before commencing work for the year ahead. 

Due to the variety in business, the amount of work required for each client varies significantly, and each client has individualised fees. 

However, fees that are fixed include:

  • Business set up - $1,650

  • SMSF compliance - $2,200

  • SMSF audit - $660

All initial consultations are complimentary and obligation free.

Work Desk

Tax returns

Fees for individual tax returns are fixed and dependent on the complexity of your affairs (e.g. having investment properties).

The fees start at $170, and increases by $100 per investment property, plus additional costs for other complexities. The total fee will be quoted prior to completing the work.


Initial personal advice fees

Initial advice fees are quoted upfront, and depend on the complexity and scope of advice. 

If you don't need a full financial plan we can scale our advice to meet your requirements. Our fees typically range from $400 to $3,600.

All initial phone calls are complimentary and obligation free, except where you only want general information/education on financial concepts, in which case we charge hourly rates of $275. For our first appointments we charge a fee of up to $125. 

We remove commissions from products when possible, resulting in discounted product fees.


Ongoing personal advice fees

For clients who are looking for ongoing guidance, potentially due to changing circumstances, we offer service agreements for a fixed fee. These agreements can be altered at any time so you are never 'locked-in'. Basic ongoing service starts at $1,656 p.a.

If you do not want or need advice on an ongoing basis, you can always come back for a check up or for additional advice. In this case, we will charge fees in the same way as the initial fees.